Thanks for visiting my website!
My name is Raul Perez, and I'm a Software Engineer
based out of Southern California.

This website hosts links to my projects and resume.
I like to build computers and make useful tools to make people's lives easier!

About Me

I am passionate in making things that will make a positive impact of someone's life
I pride myself on writing clean, concise, and efficient code.
Cleanliness and proper documentation are very important to me and I always endeavor to write code that is as readable as it is fast.
I am always working on a side project during my personal time, take a look at my GitHub to see what I'm up to!

Things I've Done

Vice President of the San Marcos Chapter of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

Met with the British consulate in the spring of 2017 to discuss Cyber Security in higher education

Top Overall grand prize of Code Day San Diego 2016 for a mobile application that tracks the food insude the user's pantry

Volunteered through Upward Bound and was appointed to lead a group of High School students in creating and programming robots using Arduinos.

Graduated from California State University San Marcos in the spring of 2018!

Hosted a workshop on behalf of ACM to introduce students to programming in Python

Created a Cross-Platform Mobile application that collected user data from the various sensors around the average phone to be displayed it in a way users could understand and interpret

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